MAC Recovery Software 

How to recover

Mac data recovery software by Disk Doctors is particularly designed for Mac based systems. This software recognizes all of the commonly used image file types and recovers them with the help of highly efficient algorithms. The recovery process is very short and simple. Below are the few steps of recovery.

  • On the first window you will have to select the drive from which you wish to recover the data and click Next
  • In the next step you will see different file types that are already selected so, you will click the option deselect all and select the ones you wish to recover from the selected drive & click recover.
  • Now the scanning will take place for the selected file types.
  • Once the scanning is done you will see the recovered file types. Now you can select them one-by-one and view them using the preview option.
  • Preview option will help you identify your image files. In the last step you can select the important image files and click Save.

That’s all, you are done recovering your images with the help of Disk Doctors Mac data recovery in few simple steps.