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No sign of the Seagate Drive on my Mac

I connected my GoFlex Desk to a Mackbook using a USB cable. Using time-machine it began to work however when I finished the first backup, it did not run in any way. The drive stopped to function and currently as it rotates it beeps slightly and isn't recognized by Mac. The hard disk isn't recognized also with disk utility. What I need to do now as there is no sign of the Seagate hard drive on the Mac?

Attempt to follow these directions.

  • Whenever your hard drive isn't shown in Disk Utility, then it signifies that there is probably some issue relating to cable.
  • Check out the port configuration.
  • In case you examined cable connections and ports but still nothing beneficial took place, it means that it may be problem in your hard disk.
  • In the event of any logical or physical trouble, stay in-touch with Disk Doctors

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